Boiler Servicing

Your gas boiler is at the heart of your home and it makes sense to have it checked and serviced to ensure it's running at maximum efficiency levels. By servicing your gas boiler annually you can save up to €150 per year, reduce CO2 and improve your boiler's overall reliability. At Flowgas we strongly recommend Regular Annual Service for your system, in the interest of your Gas safety and Greater Energy Efficiency.

Standard Boiler Services: €99 per year

Boiler Repairs

Like any appliance, gas and oil boilers can develop problems, such as leaks and pump or electrical faults. We have dealt with most existing boilers and can offer expertise with all brands and types, gas or oil, domestic or commercial.

Standard Boiler Repair: €99 plus parts
Additional time spent fault finding will be charged at €20 for every 20 mins

Boiler Installations

Older boilers operate at lower efficiency levels, typically 60% - 70% which means you are losing heat and wasting money. Getting Flowgas to install a new Band A boiler means you will be saving money and heat as these boilers operate at efficiency levels in excess of 90%. Furthermore you will have guaranteed peace of mind in knowing that any work carried out is to the highest standards. The current range of boilers available today will have efficiencies greater than 90%. In other words, by replacing an older, low efficiency boiler with a new, high efficiency boiler, you can cut your fuel bills by a quarter.

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